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About us

Welcome to Curigo, we provide healthcare products for your beloved pets.

Curigo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2020 by a team of dedicated pharma professionals to provide safe and effective solutions in pet healthcare.

Products developed by our team of veterinarians, pharmacists and naturopaths are quality focused and safe for your pet. We are proudly a 'Made in India’ brand.

Our vision is to deliver quality based innovative pet-care products which are also affordable.

We strive to ensure the health of your pets with satisfaction and joy to the pet-parents.  We ensure our products are safe, effective and include environment-friendly ingredients making pet care a pleasurable and relaxing experience.


Curigo aspires to establish itself as a beloved, wholesome and healthy pet pharmaceutical brand for pets.

The Team

Fluffy Tails wouldn’t be successful today without our incredible staff. Each of them is committed to customer service, sharing their expertise on every product we offer. Learn more about our team below.

Photo of Sandeep Kachhwaha, the founder of Fluffy Tails

Sandeep Kachhwaha

Sandeep has more than 25 years of experience in the Pharmaceuticals industry. He earned his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from The University of Pune. He also worked with a veterinary company, Ancare NZ (now Boehringer Ingelheim NZ) as Head of Formulation development for a short time and was responsible for development of products for companion and large animals.

Besides being a researcher, formulator and an entrepreneur, Sandeep is also a passionate pet lover. He is a pet-parent to his dog Skye and is well-acquainted with the problems faced by pet-parents every time their pet faces a health and hygiene issue. With this concern, Sandeep came up with the idea of Curigo and set it up in 2020. He is actively involved in Strategy, Portfolio and Product Development at Curigo.

Bharathi Polavarapu

Bharathi is a Post graduate in Human Development from Nagpur University. Bharathi is responsible for Human Resources management and Finance functions at Curigo.

Photo of Bharathi Polavarapu of Fluffy Tails

Vishal Patel

Marketing Head

Photo of Vishal Patel, the marketing head of Fluffy Tails.

Vishal Patel
Marketing Head

Vishal is a Science graduate and has more than 22 years of experience working in the sales and marketing field with reputed companies like Abbott, Zydus, IPCA, Emcure and Aurobindo.

Photo of Skye the husky, the CIO and CFO of Fluffy Tails.



Skye is a Siberian Husky and the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) at Curigo. All the products that are developed at Curigo are inspired by Skye and after meticulous testing and evaluation by Skye, are approved for launching in the market for his buddies. 

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