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Secrets of FluffyTails!

While most veterinary brands don't, Curigo mentions the percentage of key actives used in the products.  This shows our motto of customer first and our commitment to customer transparency which helps them take an informed decision.

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All products  in Conditioning Shampoo range have been created with safe and natural ingredients that nourish your pet's skin and coat. Natural ingredients like Lecithin, Colloidal Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Aloe vera, Shea butter, Biotin, Wheat protein, and Chamomile extract add goodness to the products without concerns of side-effects like irritation or rashes.

FluffyTails Products Include:

1. Conditioning Shampoo range

  • Itch Relief Shampoo

  • De-Shedding Shampoo

  • Dry Bath No Rinse Shampoo


2. Nutraceuticals (Soft Chews)

  • Omega Shine (For Skin & Coat)

  • Flexi (For Joints & Cartilage Support)

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Insects like Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitos and Houseflies are major health concern for the pets and pet-parents. Team Curigo has crafted FluffyShield range of products to protect your pets from attack of these parasites.

FluffyShield Products Include:

1. Spot-On - Available in 4 sizes according to the dog's body weight

2. Tick Repellent Spray - We are the only company in India that claims 8 hour protection from all bugs when using Tick repellent spray.


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No compromise on quality

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SLS free

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Safe ingredients

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Paraben free

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Cruelty free

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pH balanced

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