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FluffyDerm OtiSalix Ear Cleanser

FluffyDerm OtiSalix Ear Cleanser

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FluffyDerm Otisalix Salicylic acid Ear Cleanser |For Dogs & Cats |  100 mL 



Features :


FluffyDerm Otisalix is an ear cleanser for dogs & cats that helps in treating Otitis Externa and removes debris.It contains Salicylic Acid that eases pains and is used an anti-inflammatory drug. It is a gentle cleanser that can be used routinely to clean ears and keep them dry .It reduces itching and irritation in ears and promotes a healthy ear environment. 


Dose :


Administer 8-10 drops in each or as directed by the veterinarian . Use FluffyDerm OtiSalix Ear Cleanser 2-3 times weekly. The medicine should be used within a month after opening the container. 


Directions for use :


Unscrew the cap to open , remove the induction seal completely and fix the dropper. Turn the white nozzle to open and then pour FluffyDerm Otisalix Ear Clenser liberally into the ear and wipe the ear with cotton or a cloth moistened with FluffyDerm OtiSalix Ear Cleanser.


Storage : Store below 30°C. Protect from light.


Precautions : Shake well before use. For external use only. For animal treatment only. 

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